Welcome to the “Smoke in your Eyes: Teaching Resource” pack - this resource was developed in partnership between NHS Lanarkshire and both North and South Lanarkshire Council. Smoking is the single biggest preventable cause of ill health and premature death in Scotland. Whilst the number of adult smokers has fallen significantly in the last 10 years, rates among young people, and particular among girls, have remained the same.
106,000 people are killed by Smoking related health conditions in the UK each year.
15,000 young people start smoking in Scotland each year.
The aim of this lesson pack is to make a positive difference in schools and youth work settings by decreasing the number of children in Scotland who are choosing to start smoking. NHS Lanarkshire identified that the provision for tobacco education was varied throughout the area. Some schools, in both the Primary and Secondary sectors, offered lessons which focused on a strong anti-smoking message highlighting the negative health, financial and social issues of smoking. However, some schools offered little focus on tobacco issues, instead choosing to focus more on alcohol and illegal drugs. The content of this pack offers informative, engaging lessons with a clear progression and focus for young people to encourage them to make their own choices based on positive reinforcement.